Cam Incoll

Hi Team,

I have a few sites and another I have built is which includes a database of downloadable design templates.

I just changed this to the new super static site. The PDFs that are either included in a database property, or in the page are not able to be downloaded as they generate this error:

And I can see that the link trying to be accessed looks like this:

Not sure what's happening or how to fix it. I've tried uploading new PDFs into notion to see if that fixes it but it doesn't. I've also tried turning sharing of the page off and on, as well as the database itself.


Do you have a live Static site I can test this on? I see is currently using default method.
Hi Traf, When I look at the control panel, is already configured as Static.
Traf replied
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Hey Traf - I discovered what was going on - seems my DNS was set to old settings for CNAME using instead of There was also an A entry for * not just for www, so I removed that and it seems to be working now. Not sure which of these two things was causing the problem. This site was initially set up back in May last year.
Traf replied
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