Cam Incoll

Super Head of Product, and Community Member
I look after Super's product roadmap and strategy, as well as help out with customer support. DM with questions, complaints or feature requests! I'm also an avid Super user, and this is where my relationship with Super began.

Appending a footer

Here is some code that will append a footer the bottom of your site. I copied this off someone else a long time ago here, apologies I cannot remember who.

I've cleaned up and commented my version of the code and paste it here for you to use. Add this script to the HTML (head):
	window.onload = function() {
		const copyright = document.createElement('p')
		copyright.innerHTML = 'Your Super Site' = "center"; = "20px"; = "#333"; = '50px';
		const legal = document.createElement('p')
		legal.innerHTML = 'Your copyright notice' = "center"; = "13px"; = "50%"; = "#333";
		/* LOGO */ 
		img = document.createElement("img");
		img.setAttribute('src', ''); = ('100px'); = '30px auto'; = 'block';
		/* Set up the Footer */ 
		const footerContainer = document.createElement("div"); = "720px"; = "0 auto"
		/* Style the footer background */
		const footer = document.createElement("div"); = "#eee"; = "auto"; = "50px";
		/* Assemble the extra HTML for the footer */
		/* Add the footer to the bottom of the body */
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Another launch: Huddle

I've been able to turn this site around in two weeks, moving from our old site on Kajabi to - a much more cost effective solution that's far faster to deploy onto.

The chatbox function is provided by Helpscout, and the cookie management by Confirmic, which is simply awesome btw. 

Like Comment launched (1100 notion pages via Super)

I knew I had compiled masses over information in notion over the last 12 months, but had no idea it was this much until I launched.

So I am pleased to present - online tools for Kinesiologists, a membership site using Memberspace, custom fonts from and a few other things.

This is running on the beta version of Super, and only with the new capabilities in the beta, finalising this task has been possible. 

Huge thank-you to Super for making this possible. 

Lots of learnings through this process, so if you have questions, ask away! 
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Internal server error when adding a large database

Hi Traf and Jason,

I am adding a large database with over 350 entries with significant numbers of properties as well. I understand that this might take some time to import into the Super infrastructure, but wanted to alert you to this error that is produced when trying to access the page while this is happening.

Is there a limit to the size of a super suit, I mean site?

Hi Traf and Jason  

I am wondering if there is a size limit, or constraint, or advise strongly against for a Super Site.

I am creating a membership site, and I have several linked databases that I am thinking about making available via membership

One of the databases has over 300 pages, and I have others with not quite so many pages but they are all cross-referencing one another.



PDF's not linking off correctly

Hi Team,

I have a few sites and another I have built is which includes a database of downloadable design templates.

I just changed this to the new super static site. The PDFs that are either included in a database property, or in the page are not able to be downloaded as they generate this error:

And I can see that the link trying to be accessed looks like this:

Not sure what's happening or how to fix it. I've tried uploading new PDFs into notion to see if that fixes it but it doesn't. I've also tried turning sharing of the page off and on, as well as the database itself.