Founder of Motive 🔮
Switched over our portfolio website and love the blazing speeds but had to switch back to the old Notion host because of a few kinks which I believe are still WIP:

1. Missing Table gallery card thumbnails (for individual works preview)

2. Missing Table gallery search (for labeled keywords)

3. URLs breaking for "mailto:" and "tel:" (reckon there's an auto inclusion of https to links)

Very happy Super user and just wanted to share my findings!
Appreciate the feedback! We're on it.
Thanks for that. mailto and tel are going to be fixed in the next update. Currently to get the gallery thumbnails working you can either set an image as the thumbnail or make the first block in a page the image you want. This feature is not as advanced as the way notion handles it yet.

For search are you talking about specifically searching a collection or site wide search?
SUP Supers! We just put together our company's works and info with Notion + Super.. under 24 hours!


Check it out and share your comments! Thanks! 💜
This looks awesome. Dig those icons you used.
James replied
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Very stylish, it's amazing how much you've packed into such a simple site!
Hi, just wanna add FB open graph tags onto the wishlist! Super.so weblinks will really look just like a normal URL with the meta tags.
Noted! Should be a simple feature. Keep you posted on that.
definitely need that one !!