I'm in ❤️ with the new dashboard.

Hello guys !

Congrats for the amazing work ! I've just tried the new admin dashboard and it's amazing ! 

Keep'up ! 💪🏻
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Unique Page Colors

Hello guys !

Is it possible to change colors for just one page ? (background color, buttons & all design)


It's not about how good Super.so is, it's about how good it will be <3

Hello guys !

I'm using @Super.so for my business website, it's really amazing, I would just need two more updates and it will be perfect ;)

+ Add live filters. (I'm thinking of using airtable inside my notion page, but I would love to use notion cards directly, I know it's static, but having live filters will be really amazing)
+ Add calendar views (I've got some events to show ...)

Amazing work ! Keep on <3

Btw, here's my website (it's french) : https://startupoklm.fr

Google Fonts

Hy !

Could you please add Red Hat Display to Google Fonts Super.so database ?

Cheers !