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Here's a demo for our upcoming big release. We're excited to get this into your hands real soon. https://super-static.vercel.app/

A few cool things we get with this update:
* Super fast
* Great for SEO
* Many new upcoming customization options
Will there be a way to cache-bust the page content or is it hooked into the "last edit" date on my notion documents?  

What about static assets like images if I update them?  
The site updates a few times per minute when users go to it so it's not "live" but pretty close to it. When a new image is displayed on a page its automatically optimized and cached.

So if you want to cache-bust you can refresh the page a few times after changing something in Notion. People going to your page organically will also have the same effect.
Hi Jason 

Did you have any idea when static will be available ?  And metadata for shareable deeplinks to Facebook, etc. ? I'm planning to begin teaching my journo students begin september all the way through Notion & Super, via my https://da.van.ac 
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