I updated today and now my site is saying Login To Vercel, anyone else having an issue with this?

When I was searching around for a hosting solution for notion I noticed that one site had a simple custom nav bar solution. I thought this was yours but I can't seem to find it so I guess not.

As your own site is a notion site now, and you have a custom nav bar, is this an option for your customers or do I have to write a script to replace the notion div contents, or is there a simpler solution. I have not looked into the notion source yet.

Thanks in advance.

Currently you would need to write some custom code. We're working on a set of new features including custom navbars but I'm not sure when it will be ready yet
Is there any timeline when super will support notions Dark Mode? Or do I need to go and replace the CSS?

Thanks in advance.

We'll have it as a toggle soon within your dashboard. For now, this should work if you paste it in the snippet injection part of your site settings:

  :root {
    --color-bg-default: #2F3437 !important;
    --color-text-default: #fff !important;