Page titles

Hi there thank you for the great tool! I've been enjoying using it. I just wanted to ask if it were possible to add the site name before the page title on the tab bar?



Just wondering if there is a way to get the dropdown menus to be auto-open on loading a page

Setting DNS for Squarespace hosted domain

Hi there 
I have a domain currently hosted till 2022 with Squarespace and would like to redirect, when I input the Cname it asks for two records. How should I go about setting it up to point to my super site thanks, Evan

My formula for star rating not appearing

I have a Notion website the-piano-reviewer.com and I have the following issues
- star rating which is in the form of a formula (no pun intended) does not appear on the live site
- Fields do not appear on the individual page itself, when you go to the page on the website of a specific page I do not get the details of the piano itself like the rating etc. Do I have to enter this manually?

Thank you !

table links not working

Hi all,
I have a website www.the-piano-reviewer.com where my sublinks aren't working. if you click on them it gives a super 404 page. Just wondering how I might fix this. Thanks !