Benjamin Stewart

Hello all! I'm an English-as-a-foreign language teacher trainer and researcher. Love tech stuff and sharing my teaching/learning practice with others.

Static compatibility with Calendars

I see that Static is not yet compatible with calendars, timelines, and search. In terms of calendars generated within Notion, what limitations exist exactly when moving over to Static?
Also, I'm curious about the limitations there are regarding search. Does anyone have any opinions about the advantages of using Static over Notion? I use calendars quite a bit in Notion and am not sure whether it's a good move or not to switch to Static.


Notion public page

Why does automatically change the public URL (when I hit "save") to an entirely different URL that leads to nowhere? Was really hoping I could get this up-and-running, but still have not figured it out.

Setting up Google Analytics (URL)

When setting up Google Analytics, should the URL be the domain name I just set up in or should it be the Notion page that links to the domain name? #Questions