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Rich text and media in quote blocks

Hey team, just a heads-up. Notion recently added support for rich content and media inside quote blocks. I tried creating one on my site, but it appears Super still does not support this feature yet.

Thanks in advance!

Here's the tweet by Notion:

Introducing Aimée — a blog & portfolio theme

Hey guys. Last week, I created a new theme/template called Aimée.

Demo: https://yusuf.is/aimee (Use code SUPER20 at checkout for 20% off)

  • Light, Dark, System themes
  • Customizable and page-independent navbars
  • Built-in template for tags filter

Hope you'll like it.
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List view on mobile not displaying properly

Hey guys. It appears that overflowing attributes on a list view are hidden. Because of this, I can't scroll a list view horizontally when on viewing on mobile. A small CSS tweak seems to fix it, but it just doesn't look as nice. 
.notion-collection-list {
    overflow: auto;

In native Notion, the attributes are stacked together.

Hope it helps. Please correct me if I got anything wrong. Thanks!

Global code for parent pages

At the moment, I understand we have a global site code for the whole workspace (which is great, thank you). But is it possible to have a global code option for a parent page within a workspace? So that the child pages would inherit the parent's code, too, without have to edit the code section of every single child page.

Hope I got my message across. Thanks!
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Themes & Templates for Personal Sites + Landing Pages

Hey guys! Earlier this week, Super supported adding blocks inside Callout blocks. So, I decided to create a couple of themes utilizing those blocks. 

Please do have a look, and let me know what you think. If you like them, for a limited time, I'm selling all 3 themes as a bundle for only $12.

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