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Tall Image in Gallery View Doesn't Show Top Of Image

Hi everyone,
I have a gallery view on my home page that has a tall image  and I want to show the top of the image only. Currently it is showing the middle of the image. 

I have tried to reposition in Notion and that doesn't seem to work.

So I stuffed around with CSS for the last hour, but I can't seem to get the CSS to position the image at the top. 

If any CSS guru's could help me out with the class or ID of the image so I can get the custom CSS into the super backend - I would be eternally grateful!

Link to my site here: https://evchapman.com/


Finally Ditched Wordpress for Notion

So, as I was going to rebuild my website over the weekend and after trawling through lots of wordpress templates, I decided to make the jump to notion + Super. So glad I did, because it's done and I love it.

I pretty much just want a space for my writing, gallery and templates to live online and I love that I can do that with notion.

Here it is  👉  evchapman.com
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