Experience time lag when I update Notion

Do you guys experience time lag for any update you make on Notion?

It used to be realtime, but recent change sometimes take hours( like half day).

Cache reset/refresh wont help this.

If I go to public Notion page, its updated so from Notion to SUPER there might be time lag?

Please let me know if there's any good way to avoid this.
(Here's my page https://support.goopass.jp/)
Thank you
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wrap code function not working

I've used code block and turned on wrap code.


It seems not working only on my live site
(it's working properly on Notion page)

Is there any relation with using SUPER?

This is my live site and it's in Japanese but you can find code block scrollable, not wrapped.


Vote Function with Good/Bad button for FAQ page

I'm using Notion page with super as FAQ page of the web service.

I'm wondering if there's any good way to add good/bad button at the bottom of the pages like attached images so customer can vote for each FAQ pages.(like zendesk help or other help center function)

Hopefully with minimal coding, seeking easy way to add this to my page:)