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Would love to be able to create a forum like this in notion as well.
Is it striaghtfoward and/or can you custom build it for a fee ?
Hmmm not sure what you mean exactly? Like rebuild this community forum as a Notion doc/website?
this forum is made by you or do you use any software / platform?
Here's where we'll post up all new Super features. Stay tuned for updates.
Post up all the ideas you want to able to achieve using Super + Notion, and like all the ideas that you see and want! Here's some things currently on the roadmap:

- Super Static (improvements to SEO and page speeds)
- Membership layer for paid, private Notion docs
- Password protected Notion docs
- Pretty URLs for all pages
- Official app integrations
- Custom favicons
- Notion themes
Really excited about the super static and pretty URL features. I think they'll make Super usable for a pretty broad range of sites that care about SEO and page load experience.
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Hey all! Welcome to the official Super community portal. Post up your #questions, and show off your Notion + Super sites in our #showcase. We'll also share some new and upcoming product #updates. Post up any other ideas or suggestions in #general.

Stay super ⚡️