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You can now add pretty URLs to new or existing Super sites! See for details!

We've quietly pushed our Static feature live!

You'll see a "Use Static" button on your current Super sites, or you'll see it as an option when creating a new site. We do expect there to be some bugs along the way, so please do share anything you find below! Feedback is very much appreciated.

Not supported yet:
– Some link and emoji inconsistencies
– Calendar component
– Page breadcrumbs
– Image lightboxes
Bringing in some feedback here from Zee:

– Databases with filters don't seem to load with the filter, it just shows all the entries
– A way to show the fields on database pages would be great, though I understand why you've hidden them too
– Scripts don't seem to be working
– Would be great to be able to have the breadcrumbs feature work
– Would love to be able to link to a page on the site and have Super know to change that url to my domain not the url. I don't mean by @mentioning page but by literally including a link on text the normal the way
– Hoping we can have search working soon
– Would also love to be able to use clean URLs and metatags for specific pages
– Seems you can't hide the titles on databases - at least not on gallery view
Super excited to see Static roll out! Is there a plan to support database fields the full database page? If not, how do you recommend working around this? 
Traf replied
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Bumping this up to ask if the filters and sorting for tables have already been released for static pages? 
Jason replied
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Ask any and all questions you've got about Super here.
I am unable to get my website live with - can you help me with it.

Website bought from Godaddy -

I have followed all the steps and still it's not live. 

Also, I connected with the live chat agent and he couldn't help me with it.

Have a look at the screenshot here -
Discuss all things Notion here.
Hmmm not sure what you mean exactly? Like rebuild this community forum as a Notion doc/website?
this forum is made by you or do you use any software / platform?
Here's where we'll post up all new Super features. Stay tuned for updates.
Post up all the ideas you want to able to achieve using Super + Notion, and like all the ideas that you see and want! Here's some things currently on the roadmap:

- Membership layer for paid, private Notion docs
- Password protected Notion docs
- Official app integrations
- Dark mode support
- Notion themes
Can't wait for Dark Mode ⚫️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Traf replied
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Hey, I'm a full stack engineer and a dev at a group called Memberstack. Currently a team I'm part of is using Notion for documentation and project planning in conjunction with a custom designed Bootstrap dashboard. Obviously we're using the plugin. Basically, can I have users log in to Super via a custom auth (for example, my team log in via memberstack with github auth)? Also, I make use of scripts so that on the bootstrap template it says "Hi, {*username*}" based on who's logged in. I guess this would be quite hard to implement with Super since the content side is based on Notion, but thought I might ask and maybe might also get some ideas about dashboard integration with Notion. Thanks!
Traf replied
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Another thing that I was thinking would be helpful (especially for people who use Notion/Super as a dashboard) would be an option to have a little button in the corner on the super page saying "Open in Notion".
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Hey all! Welcome to the official Super community portal. Post up your #questions, and show off your Notion + Super sites in our #showcase. We'll also share some new and upcoming product #updates. Post up any other ideas or suggestions in #general.

Stay super ⚡️
Memberships are coming very soon! Ideally next week or two. Also fixed the broken links, thanks for the heads up!
#question is it possible to add a loging option for people to authenticate before they can gain access to a publish page from notion?
Traf replied
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nice to have onboard this. really loving the cool design of super. Hope it will be a really amazing experiance for us folks here at wphackedhelp.