Josh Pazmino

Selective search indexing [question/feature request]

Hello, I have some databases with a large amount of content from which I want to publish only certain parts. This is pretty easy to set up in Notion using linked databases on public pages, and filtering the source table to display only content marked published. 

I haven’t enabled indexing on my site because I have been under the impression that if I turn on indexing, all of these hidden pages will show up in search engines, which is exactly what I want to avoid — but I am very interested in indexing what is published. 

I’m hoping I may be mistaken here, but if not, is it (or would it be) possible to manually select which pages are indexed, either individually or in batches? I think a great way to manage this could potentially be with a property similar to super:Link, like “super:Index” with a checked checkbox for any pages the user would like to index. Alternatively, turning indexing on and off per-database in the dashboard would be amazing.

Thank you!

A collection of esoteric databases

I decided to make a Notion database as I was researching/learning about Human Design and it turned into this! 

Part of the system was/is a table of my friends & family and their birthdays, placements, etc. it was fun finding a way to make it all fit together while keeping some parts of the database offline. 
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