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Site Search not showing results.

I just created a new site and I'm testing it out. As you see in the example below when typing in a word I get no results. This screen shot shows the word alternative and as you see that is the Title of a page in this database but no options appear. has anyone had this issue?

Hide “hidden properties” in Database

Is it possible to prevent the “hidden properties “ toggle from appearing in a database? I am trying to prevent the customer from seeing which properties that we have hidden but at the same time allow them to click the link to the visible properties.

Google not able to read site

In google search console it is saying that my robots.txt file is blocking google from reading my website. Where would a robots.txt file be if I never placed it in my script?  Below is what it says on googles site.

, though blocked by robots.txt: The page was indexed, despite being blocked by your website's robots.txt file. Google always respects robots.txt, but this doesn't necessarily prevent indexing if someone else links to your page. Google won't request and crawl the page, but we can still index it, using the information from the page that links to your blocked page. Because of the robots.txt rule, any snippet shown in Google Search results for the page will probably be very limited.

Next steps:

Page indexed without content
: This page appears in the Google index, but for some reason Google could not read the content. Possible reasons are that the page might be cloaked to Google or the page might be in a format that Google can't index. This is not a case of robots.txt blocking. Inspect the page, and look at the Coverage section for details.

Disable audio Download in Public Site

When uploading an audio file available on a public site the file can easily be downloaded (on an android device) via the 3 dots on the audio file. 
Is there a code snippet that disables the option to download?
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Secure database behind paywall?

I have a database behind a paywall using memberspace.  At the moment the paying client is able to access the database, after clicking an item in the gallery view for example, they can then copy the web address and share it if they choose to. Anyone can then have access to that one page of the database . How do I prevent this?

Site Search 'text' within site? Functions like notions 'quick find'?


I noticed that the site search only searches the pages within a site and not the words or text that is inside the pages. Any idea when this feature will be available to search text within a site?

I am also hoping that the 'site search' option can function like the notion 'quick find', even having a history of recent searches. Will that eventually be available?