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How to modify the width "by default" ?

Notion offers only two "size" of page: normal and full size.
Is there any possibility (via css ?) to override the normal width and enlarge it half way to full size ?

normal width:

full size:

what I would like ... :-)

tx for the help !

cc Traf   Jason  

update static, css override

I've just updated my site to the new static, it looks like the css custom have been override ..(icon is not centered anymore)

is this the right code ?

tx for the help

.notion-header__icon-wrapper {
  text-align: center !important;

.notion-header__icon {
  border-radius: 20% !important;
.notion-header__title {
  text-align: center !important;
Hi guys,

After going "full speed" with Notion & Super features (aka: how to inject the most things and links as possible, because it's damned fun), I went "what if we go minimalist ?"

I've deleted nothing, but let's assumed that less is definitely more

Tx again Jason and team for all of this 🤘🔥
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Hi everyone,

Here is my new HQ, since I've transfered my whole Wordpress archives into Notion. Tx @jason and the team for all the customs, url tricks and database filtres. Hope you like it :-)

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I like the way Chilipper is enabling form-to-database ... I guess it should be possible to do the same with comments ? This way, Notion could become a real CMS


Hi everyone,

I'm using Notion since almost 3 years now, running my business (medialab). I've moved my 15 years old Wordpress archive into Notion because of Super. 📲 da.van.ac  Don't hesitate if you have any feedback and I can't wait to discover other templates and super powered's sites !
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