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Good Future Project – good enough to showcase?

Would love to make it to the Showcase page on

I'm proud of it anyway...

Check it out!
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Change OG Twitter card

Hi! Can you tell me how to override the Twitter card that comes with Super (it defaults to the Notion cover image at the moment).

I've added the following to the OG info in the <head> but still not working:
<meta property="twitter:card" content="..." />
<meta property="twitter:site:id" content="..." />

Site is Thanks!

Bug with custom nav bar


I'm using a custom nav bar (announced yesterday! So excited) on my site at

Although last night (UK time) it was working great, today I went in to edit it and it's now buggy. I removed a link and added a new one to the nav, but it's added two of the same link, and when I go in to delete it and 'save', it doesn't actually delete it – I can leave the 'Theme' tab and come back and the duplicate link is still there.


Thanks to Super I stopped messing around with every framework under the sun and managed to ship a good-looking version of my website within a couple of hours 🙏

Looking forward to building the site on Notion going forward, it means I can get things out of my brain and onto the web with a lot less friction (possibly not always a great thing...!! But hey).
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