I'm having the following issues:

  1. Copying an exact sentence from the site and searching for it through search engines yields no results.
  2. Searching for the website name and some keywords yields one result, the link for that result is just a random notion block that has no relevance to the key word.
  3. Google Search Engine Console reporting that every single notion block is being indexed - by block I mean every sentence or object that can be dragged. Even the empty lines.
  4. Non-pretty URLs are being indexed by google. Many of which are random notion blocks as mentioned above. 

Given the importance of SEO for a functional site, are these issues known or being worked on? Thank you!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. 3 sounds like the biggest issue here. I'll get on fixing that.

Can you send me an email with search queries, results, and expected results for 1 and 2 please? hello@super.so

For 4 what's your domain name and which non-pretty url is being indexed that has a pretty url?
Moe Vich replied
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Would modals be possible?

I'm imagining a modal that pops-up to remind a user to subscribe to a newsletter, or something like that. 

Their could be populated by a specific page.
Great idea! Will add it to the list.
Pretty URLS for every page/ subpage rendered automatically based on the tittle of the page. 

Also a better management UI for Pretty URLS
other day I suggested a property field of pages for the slug so it could be automatically set as a pretty url
Moe Vich replied
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