Full Width Sections

Has anyone found a way to do full width sections even when you set a page max-width (say at 1440px).  Not just in 
headers, but in the body.

Image Example: Content is set to max width and the office images is full width.

Hover Suggestion

Depending on the size of the screen and location of the item, some of my hovers show the background color. I thought about making the color change just on the bottom section, but was curious to see if anyone has found an easy css adjustment fix for this? See the right side has the hint of purple.

Overflow - Small Gallery Issue

This is not a super.so issue, more of my brain not working issue. I can't seem to figure out how to get these to have line breaks in them. They have a red border just to show the target right now. Any suggestions?


Updated between notion and super has been randomly working. Sometimes I have to wait a half hour before the sync happens. Is this suppose to happen? 

Hoping for a workaround to speed this up.

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Pricing Questions

I would like to have 1 live site and 1 site not live but for testing. Will that cost $12 for the live site and $12 again for the testing site?