Trying to share new content to our site and it's not updating. 
Whats your domain name? Ill take a look
Our favicon (which is still uploaded on Super, just checked) is now rending as their gradient black triangle: 
Looking into this. Appreciate your guys' patience. Keep you all updated here.
Was wondering if we could get a tutorial, or if you're using a third party service a name, on how you're embedding a purchase in a modal on a site hosted in Super. 
Loved the Super Newsletter - did you guys use a custom-built tool? Or something publicly available? Looked gorgeous. 
Thank you! We use and love Flodesk.

If you do signup, here's a 50% off link:
I've read a few posts here indicating you guys are going to soon support publicly displaying properties, which is super exciting!

We run a website where all of our posts have a featured image property we use to populate the gallery view - any chance in the future, Super will be able to use that data to populate a link preview?

So if I copy "X" link from my website, and Featured Image is set to "Y" image. When the preview populates it'll pull the data from the property?

I'm actually working on page properties this moment. I have a concept i'm working on for special properties. What you're talking about is possible! I'll get that in the platform real soon
Justin Rockmore replied
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