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New User Feedback From Dev

Figured I'd start updating this post for visibility as I explore this option.
My background, backend developer & DevOps.

Blogging Tools I've used:

Wordpress Self-Hosted
Ghost Self-Hosted
Jekyll (docker + standard install)
Other less common tools.

Current Stack: 

Hugo Based Static Blog (

Current Blogging Approach:

 Open repo in vscode
run task `ib hugo-new-blog-post` which uses archetypes to preset tags and metadata for this type of post (example output:  and the markdown:
blog and then run commit and push
Netlify CICD triggers build and 5 mins later or so new site rendered

Why I'm considering a new option

1. Mainly I'm looking for more flexibility in authoring in beautiful UI and with no publishing workflow required + the ability to reorganize the page for docs like cheatsheets by using notion columns and UI driven layout. This would be great to generate things like this very easily:



It's a lot of effort to go generate layouts like that vs just drag in notion.

Things I Love

  • Serverless/event driven means I see reloads within seconds. Love this!
  • Beautiful authoring experience.
  • Site seems to load relatively quick

Things I'm Not Happy With Or Want Improved

  • Pretty URL's didn't work out of the box, meaning migrating my site would result in a lot of broken stuff.
  • No ability to set my page titles or urls based on front matter / fields. For example page is but I want to use a field called slug which is already set in my front matter on all pages and use `slug: title` to be the title. In Hugo this is set by defining the page slug: /:section:/:title: for example. This ensures the date in the file name for compatibility with different tools, but isn't part of the title. This also ensures my markdown stays compatible with a standard used by most markdown engines that simplifies setting page titles. 
  • CSS Edit box should be bigger and save shouldn't close it. That way I can tweak without having to constantly reload the settings and navigate to it.
  • No RSS feeds. This is actually a huge part of my traffic by syndication to various locations. I provide a tag feed of tech to tech sites and twitter gets everything. 
  • Tags
  • Importing my markdown files is painful. Trying a few github projects but I can't get my content cleanly into notion from normal hugo markdown at this time. Not your fault, but having some guide for devs considering how to get content from github into notion to use your product might open up to those a bit more.

Things I'd Wishlist

  • Layout definitions in github so I could override certain sections of my site or "shortcodes" or whatever you are building with so easier to inject some customization without guessing.
  • Tag/Category filtering.
  • Table sort/filter. I'm guessing injecting some javacript libraries might do this, but haven't had time to try.
  • native footer/link customization. This is a on roadmap i think, but adding subscription box would be nice.
    • Pending: Table of contents on sidebar, not sure if this is possible yet, but I like how it makes big docs work on my site like this:
    • algolia search an option (see corner of my site, i also get search analytics on it)
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