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Google is not indexing my posts and cases studiies

I only have the homepage and one project index.
Can I do something to solve it?
The other projects are set with pretty urls and one post. Should I do the rest (+100 posts)?

I've requested to Google to index the site several times and nothing.

Thanks in advance

Clean url on subpages

I'm been checking if there is an answer to my question,  but not luck. Maybe I didn’t  put the right keywords.
A lot of the sites on the showcase have "pretty urls" on their subpages too.
I can't find a way to replicate it.
I would like to do orrecled.com/projects/whatever-name-I-want-here

Thanks again!

Change the url on the subpages to seo-friendly ones

I'm building my site, orrecled.com,  with super and now all the subpage have the ugly urls. Is there any way to change the url to pretty links. Even if it implies using code. 
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Stuck at deploying

I installed super to my notion page and my domain.
But it's stuck at deploying.
The main issue is that it doesn't allow me to add the name/host as @ or/and www.

I don't know how to solve this.
Thanks in advance.