Audrey Bernard

Ecosystem Designer
Hi! I love designing ecosystems in Notion and I'd like to use this passion to help business owner with their processes.

Fully displayed embeds without scroll bar

Hello there,

I would like to make sure that all my embeds are fully displayed on my pages.

I need to embed calendars and forms. The height is variable and I want to avoid having a scroll bar in my page.

What parameter should I add to the .notion-embed__content style?

Beta - Password protection

Hello there,

I'm glad that my site as been pushed to the beta! I'd like to know if it's possible to change the password protection page? I want to add my own text and change the language to French.


P.S. What an amazing job with the new UI and features 🥳
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Text anchors between different pages

Hello to all,

I would like to add links on my homepage to H3 titles on another page, but I don't know how to do it. 

Normally, on Notion I would copy the link from the block in question and then add it to the text on my home page. 

I have used this technique for the blocks on my homepage and it works great, but it doesn't work between different pages. The link does not redirect to the title in the other page. It only leads to the top of the page.

Is there a way to create text anchors between different pages?

Bullets and numbering won't change color

Hi there,

I added some numbering into my Services page and it won't change color. It stays black by default. Same with bullets. If I remove the numbering or bullet, the text will change color.

Notion view
Page view

Here's the link :


Responsive cover

Hi there, me again ^^'

I was surfing through Super showcased websites and I realized that some of them had responsive cover.

How can I do that too ?

Thank you for your help :) 

Center content within callout

Hi there,

I'm finally starting to build my site and I'm so excited.

I created a page with callouts but the content is not centered like it normally is in Notion. I didn't inject any code modifying my callouts.

What would be the code to center the content?

You can visit my page here :

Thank you guys for your help!

How to hide the search field of a DB and how to create button with hover

Hi there! I'm a fairly new member to this community :)

I want to create my website with Notion and Super. In fact, I've already started, it's just that my site is empty for now.

I love what I'm experiencing so far with this platform ! I did a quick tour of the "Showcase" section and I stumbled across a few interesting things that I might want to add to my site.

First, I saw that I lot of sites showcasing databases in gallery view without the search field at the top. How can I do that? I know how to lock the view I want to show, but not how to hide unwanted database header.

Second, I was going through when I found that she did buttons with hover. It doesn't seem like it's a database or a callout. How can I do that ?

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Thanks a lot for your help :)