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Getting "500: Internal Server Error" on my site and some pages on
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How can I make a sticky header and column in a table?

Notion has some default styling that keeps the header of a table stickied to the top of the page as you're scrolling down. 

Ideally, I'd like to pull off the effect seen here, where the head and 1st column are sticky when the user scrolls vertically or horizontally:

I think I need to do something along the lines of position: sticky; top: 0; for the head, and position: sticky; left: 0; for the first column, but I can't figure out where I would need to insert this in order for it to show up. URL in case it helps:

Thank you!

Issue with image height / margins / padding

I'm encountering an issue with extra space being added above and below my images. The weird thing is that I'm using almost the exact same layout for a different site using Super and the issue is non-existent. 

Here is how the site looks on Notion (what I want it to look like):

Here is what it looks like on Super:

Notice the extra space above and below each image. Is there a way to fix this with CSS? Thank you!!!

PDF Viewer

Hello—I'm loving Super so far! So fast, so lovely. There's one issue I'm encountering that I'm hoping to find a fix for: 

After hooking up my Notion pages to Super I noticed that the default PDF viewer in Super is quite different than the default PDF viewer in Notion. There's a few ways this breaks my current site a bit:
1. The default Notion viewer doesn't have any of the controls/control panel, which keep the overall presentation much more clean. 
2. One of those controls is a download button, which I would definitely like to disable at the very least. (Yes, there are of course ways around this for determined users, but I'd rather not give the option front and center.)
3. The default Notion viewer allows you to increase the size of the viewport, which is really useful for the content I'm displaying. 

Is there any way to revert to the default Notion viewer? Or some other viable fix to help address these issues? Thank you!!