Custom CSS on free plan for development purpose

I understand that super wants users to pay for plan to use custom CSS on the live site. I think free plan should allow custom CSS (for developmen  purpose) as inspecting and debugging becomes very difficult inside the preview window. I think super should add any of these options:

1. Allow custom CSS on site but add a banner that shows 'this is preview mode' so that user pay for plan to remove that banner.

2. Allow custom CSS on site but add a password protections that can only be removed once user pay for the plan

(*) Above options would only unlock if user try to add custom code on free plan. If not it would acts like it does rightnow. 

I do a huge amount of visual editing on my sites and it sometimes takes me 1-2 months to get the site ready. This way I have to pay for 2 months without going live. This is just a feedback. I have also seen few similar request in the community but they don't elaborate the problem. Super is a great product and I hope its keep getting better. :)

How much traffic can super site handle?

I am just curious how many concurrent users can surf my notion + super site without any performance degradation. I am trying to have a very big launch (~ 50k concurrent users). Would super handle this or do I need to switch to some other solution?

Image Lightbox

Is there anyway to add a image lightbox like in this GIF below.

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Affiliate Program

I am building a membership site and I want to add an affiliate program. Is there anyway to add affiliate program to the notion + super site.

Filter Option

Is there anyway to add a filter option (like we have inside notion) on the notion super site. So that the user can filter the content using tags.

Page Navigation

Hey community! I am using supply template. When we have a lot of items, it shows one below the other (infinitely). Is there anyway to only load 10 items and have  a'load more' or 'next page' button to load more items. I have attached few example below.


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