Super for Notion Database Sites doesn't work well (Solved!)

I have tried Super with the best of my intentions but for my specific case it has not worked for me :(. It seems to me a great platform that covers a large number of needs, but I wanted to generate a page that depended on a single database with different views, and I couldn't.

Regardless of the fact that the in-line database views did not work, I tried to generate with words that would link to the different views but the "pretty URLs" detected it as the same page (which makes sense, although it is not the same url: with different views, urls change in notion).

There is no way to solve it except to generate a database for each old view, which would be ridiculous since it would not be able to optimize the process of filtering my database, it would go from having everything organized in 1 to having to generate and update one for each specific case of tag.

As I have already said, Super seems like a very comfortable tool, but in my specific case it does not cover my basic needs and I will not continue with it.

Hopefully in the future I can use your platform.