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You'll no longer need to use it when we launch our next big dashboard update!
Corbin replied
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Is there a reason they don't work when ran through Super?
Looks like a diff image is being used for the gallery cover. Seems to be a bug in the way the gallery cover is chosen. I'll get that fixed up
So seeing what I can get to work lol
I am trying to update the fixed-width max px setting but injecting this into the same code as styling the buttons etc.

.super-content.max-width {
        max-width: 1000px;

But it still loads the 900px. Is there something I am missing?
What domain are you trying this on? Applying a width to .super-content is possible though you'd have to remove the default padding applied as well. Also could be wrong but I don't believe .max-width is a class ever applied to .super-content.
While I am actually rebuilding my portfolio now, a lot because of the amazing updates to Super, I wanted to share it in its present state. This actually got me a little feature in one of their articles (my avatar as well)

It's dated a bit now, but perhaps you can get some inspiration.