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Hi there, my name is Miriam, frontend developer with three years of experience in Startup industry. I'm a design and user experience lover, that's why I'm always focusing on making usable, inclusive and accessible developments accessible to everyone.

Navbar burger button

Hi there 👋
I'm developing a custom navbar for my website. I found a way to create a desktop navbar.

Is there any solution to create a burger menu button which when clicked opens the navbar?

I think adding some HTML or JS code the favicon brokes so...
Is there any solution using CSS only?

Thanks ☺️

Plausible analytics

Hi there,
Looking for alternatives of Google Analytics, I found Plausible.io.
I'm testing it, and my first impressions are good.
So I want to share this alternative tool with you that is fully compliant with GDPR.

You can show an example with my website here.
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Search engine indexing

Hi there,
Do you recommend enabling the search engine indexing option that Notion offers?

My personal portfolio

Hi there 👋

Finally, after months of work, I just launched my new website. It's a personal portfolio where I show my projects, talks and my new blog. So I'm going to use Notion to blogging 🤗


It could be awesome if my website would appear in the showcase section of super site 🤩

Feel free to give me your feedback 😉
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custom navbar

Hi there,
I'm trying to add a custom navbar. I love the Super site navbar and I want to create a similar one into my site. I used as a base the example that Traf  shared but this example breaks the favicon.

Does anyone have an example that not breaks the favicon?

Site image is always shown

Hi there, 
Is there any possibility to show the site image only when I share the main URL? 

It could be great to show a site card when sharing a site but show the post image when sharing an article.

Images with unnecessary spaces

Hi there, 
I'm created my personal web in Notion and when I connect it with Super the position of some images changes with no reason. I've noticed if I change this image by other random Unsplash image fit well. It depends on the image. 
Any idea what is happening?

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create only one stylized button

Hi there,
I want to add a "buy me a coffee" in my personal web so I followed this guide
But I use callouts in other parts of my web and this CSS style changes them all.

There is any way to change the CSS on a specific callout?

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