I like the way Chilipper is enabling form-to-database ... I guess it should be possible to do the same with comments ? This way, Notion could become a real CMS
For comments do you mean functionality similar to Disqus? If so, we do plan on adding them as an integration soon!
davanac I talked to one of the chilipepper.io guys and they are using a ported version of one of the unofficial APIs for notion to post data into notion.  It isn't super hard -- and the APIs that are out there actually have a LOT more power like you can set them up to be responsive to any property or content of a notion "page" and have the pages "respond" to user input ... but it is still unofficial until notion releases their official API, so I'm trying to patiently wait .... with that said, I'm also using the chilipepper.io on my site as well, and I don't imagine I'll ever use anything else for lead capturing going forward :-)
Hi Mark McCorkle  ! This is great news :-) The static version looks so promising .. can’t wait !

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