You can now add pretty URLs to new or existing Super sites! See for details!

We've quietly pushed our Static feature live!

You'll see a "Use Static" button on your current Super sites, or you'll see it as an option when creating a new site. We do expect there to be some bugs along the way, so please do share anything you find below! Feedback is very much appreciated.

Not supported yet:
– Some link and emoji inconsistencies
– Calendar component
– Page breadcrumbs
– Image lightboxes
Bringing in some feedback here from Zee:

– Databases with filters don't seem to load with the filter, it just shows all the entries
– A way to show the fields on database pages would be great, though I understand why you've hidden them too
– Scripts don't seem to be working
– Would be great to be able to have the breadcrumbs feature work
– Would love to be able to link to a page on the site and have Super know to change that url to my domain not the url. I don't mean by @mentioning page but by literally including a link on text the normal the way
– Hoping we can have search working soon
– Would also love to be able to use clean URLs and metatags for specific pages
– Seems you can't hide the titles on databases - at least not on gallery view
Super excited to see Static roll out! Is there a plan to support database fields the full database page? If not, how do you recommend working around this? 
Traf replied
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Bumping this up to ask if the filters and sorting for tables have already been released for static pages? 
Jason replied
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Here's a demo for our upcoming big release. We're excited to get this into your hands real soon.

A few cool things we get with this update:
* Super fast
* Great for SEO
* Many new upcoming customization options
Will there be a way to cache-bust the page content or is it hooked into the "last edit" date on my notion documents?  

What about static assets like images if I update them?  
The site updates a few times per minute when users go to it so it's not "live" but pretty close to it. When a new image is displayed on a page its automatically optimized and cached.

So if you want to cache-bust you can refresh the page a few times after changing something in Notion. People going to your page organically will also have the same effect.
Hi Jason 

Did you have any idea when static will be available ?  And metadata for shareable deeplinks to Facebook, etc. ? I'm planning to begin teaching my journo students begin september all the way through Notion & Super, via my 
Jason replied
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Here's where we'll post up all new Super features. Stay tuned for updates.