Hi everyone,

I'm using Notion since almost 3 years now, running my business (medialab). I've moved my 15 years old Wordpress archive into Notion because of Super. 📲 da.van.ac  Don't hesitate if you have any feedback and I can't wait to discover other templates and super powered's sites !
Looks great Damien! Love the messenger chat integration you added, and the icons looks awesome. Because you've got so many articles, I'd think about also organizing them into a table or a list vs just a grid!
Traf tx for the advice, I've made some change (filtering by date, to keep juste the last articles, and a link to the rest of the db). I've also added the chillipepper form ;-) http://da.van.ac
Looks awesome.
Since you have so much content on your site I wanted to see it in static mode https://damien.trillcyborg.xyz/

Looks like after I add collection sorting and a couple bug fixes it will be perfect!
Thank you Jason ! It looks great ! Does it mean that the content will be « freezed » ?
see that "shareable" links are on their way :-) good job ! (og:img are missing, still) 
The content stay in sync with Notion. It updates a few times per minute.

I'm gonna take a look at this og image stuff
Wow you've been busy! Really like the way that you've used gallery views to create a list of blog post like pages 🗞
tx :-) you did a solid job to !

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