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Hey - why does adding a domain to super.so prevent me from adding the same to Vercel.

What should I explore to work around this?
Super uses Vercel behind the scenes. A domain name can only be used on one Vercel account at a time. So as long as you have the domain with us you wont be able to use it on your account.

I've asked them about this and they say they're working on a solution but don't know when it will be ready.
Hey Jason, I also ran into this issue and deleted my Super account because I need to add the domain to Vercel. Unfortunately, Vercel is still not allowing me to register my domain and saying "another Vercel account owns this domain", which leads me to believe that Super is not deleting the domain on its end. Could you please look into this asap? This is a fairly problematic issue for us since we currently cannot deploy to our domain.
Jason replied
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