Hey all! Welcome to the official Super community portal. Post up your #questions, and show off your Notion + Super sites in our #showcase. We'll also share some new and upcoming product #updates. Post up any other ideas or suggestions in #general.

Stay super ⚡️
Yo! Is this the right place to send feedback? Your /changelog links to a broken Notion page:

And do you offer memberships yet?? 😀
Memberships are coming very soon! Ideally next week or two. Also fixed the broken links, thanks for the heads up!
#question is it possible to add a loging option for people to authenticate before they can gain access to a publish page from notion?
Will be very soon. We're doing a deepdive with the Makerpad team on this. Will be a Notion + Super + Memberspace collab.
nice to have onboard this. really loving the cool design of super. Hope it will be a really amazing experiance for us folks here at wphackedhelp.

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