Hey all! Welcome to the official Super community portal. Post up your #questions, and show off your Notion + Super sites in our #showcase. We'll also share some new and upcoming product #updates. Post up any other ideas or suggestions in #general.

Stay super ⚡️
Yo! Is this the right place to send feedback? Your /changelog links to a broken Notion page:

And do you offer memberships yet?? 😀
Memberships are coming very soon! Ideally next week or two. Also fixed the broken links, thanks for the heads up!
#question is it possible to add a loging option for people to authenticate before they can gain access to a publish page from notion?
Will be very soon. We're doing a deepdive with the Makerpad team on this. Will be a Notion + Super + Memberspace collab.
nice to have onboard this. really loving the cool design of super. Hope it will be a really amazing experiance for us folks here at wphackedhelp.
Hey hey, no one has realized that the personal email and editing history are exposed publicly in the source code of your hosted page by using this sh*t product?
Hey Hey heyyy . No emails are exposed on our Static sites. If they're exposed on Default sites, then that's completely on Notion, not us. As for editing history, we'll likely remove that soon, but don't see it as a big issue right now. Thanks for your feedback. If you still feel that way about the product, you're free not to use it.
Traf bro, check this -


and search for this - @gmail.com","given_name":"Charles"
Don't wanna dox anybody here but that how my team members info got exposed.

or this view-source:https://help.actiondesk.io/ 
(this is one of the sites in your demo page) search for @actiondesk.io
More importantly, it's showing everyone's full names and email info who has ever edited the page in Notion. This is a serious issue.
Hey heyyy  This is def an issue. I'll get it fixed up for static sites. You should know there are better ways to ask for features or bug fixes.

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