Hello Super.so fam!

I'm trying to build my online portfolio and is looking to see if theres any solution available where I can link to my various projects without using the usual gallery format. 

Ideally, I'd like to be able to display my link like 
"Localizing Mobile Payment" -> relevant project page that is named differently

Hope that makes sense... Feel free to share your approach on page linking as well! 
I'm not sure if I'm understanding correctly, but you could just use text links. See our Link Template for an example.
I think Sam's portfolio on the showcase page is a good example

I'm wondering how we should structure the notion pages to be able to achieve that for projects section
Jo  Gotcha. It seems he just used columns! You can use a two-column layout, then add your images + text links to each column.
Hey Traf! do you know how SamJudge has been able to make a whole project into a link? Tapping on the image or description of a project you can go to the new URL, however, Notion only lets you create a text as a link. 
He's using the gallery block!

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