Curious: can we override fonts using CSS/script injection? I'd like to use a different Google font that is not prepopulated on the custom font list.
What Rurik! What Google font are you looking to use?
Not sure yet - designers asked me if you support that (there are 1000s of Google fonts now!)
Rurik Bradbury  We'll support custom font uploading in our next dashboard update. For now, you could let us know which Google font you'd like added and we can add it to the list. Using the font-face method with custom CSS is also an option, though a little tricker.
I've done custom fonts using fonts over at and some CSS:

body {
    font-family: "Ideal Sans SSm A", "Ideal Sans SSm B", Inter, "Helvetica","Apple Color Emoji","Segoe UI Emoji",NotoColorEmoji, "Noto Color Emoji","Segoe UI Symbol","Android Emoji",EmojiSymbols, -apple-system,"BlinkMacSystemFont","Segoe UI","Roboto", "Helvetica Neue","Noto Sans",sans-serif !important;

Plus the font embed script from 

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